My Wins

“I think she started because she just got tired of me bugging her about it in school. But once she started, it became kind of an addiction. It’s helped her with self-confidence, to have goals, and to have an outlet for her to compete. She’s a competitor.”


That’s what my coach said after winning my first tournament. He really sees through my difficulties and see to it that I get the fruits of my labor. Because of such labor, I was able to conquer many contests after that. Here are some of them:


January 26 50th Anniversary Nauru International Powerlifting Challenge Cup Gold Nauru Nauru
February 7 Reykjavik International Games Gold Reykjavik Iceland
February 25 NAPF Caribbean Development Seminar for National Referees Bronze Port of Spain Trinidad & Tobago
April 1 ER Open Classic & Equipped Bench Press Championships Silver TBD Denmark
August 15 European Masters Classic Powerlifting Championships Gold Gyor Hungary
September 1 Asian Pacific Classic and Equipped Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships Bronze Gold Coast Australia
November 3 SOI World Summer Games Silver Abu Dhabi UAE




January 10 17th NAPF North American Regional Powerlifting Championships Silver San Jose Costa Rica
March 5 European Open, Sub-Junior, Junior & Masters Classic Bench Press Championships Silver Hamm Luxembourg
March 30 World Sub-Junior & Junior Powerlifting Championships Gold Regina Canada
April 15 Western European Classic & Equipped Powerlifting Championships Bronze Milan Italy
July 16 Danube Cup Gold Mukachevo Ukraine
August 12 Asian Classic & Equipped Bench Press Championships Gold Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
October 21 Commonwealth Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships Gold St. Johns, Newfoundland Canada
November 1 Arnold Classic Europe Silver Barcelona Spain
November 19 South American Powerlifting & Bench Press Equipped and Classic Championships Silver Piriapolis Uruguay
December 10 Pan-American Equipped & Classic Powerlifting Championships Silver Piriapolis Uruguay