How does being a powerlifter makes women become better sex partners?

They Have Long-Lasting Stamina

One of the powerlifting benefits for women is working their lungs, heart, and stamina. This strength training does a lot more than just help you toughen up your muscles and be strong. While it may not help with sex drive, it’ll definitely help women last longer in bed. So, why does that matter? Men usually take charge, and women don’t have to do much but be on the receiving end.


However, women can be on top or even surprise you with thrusting back. All of that needs strength and even more stamina. Women especially need strength in their legs and arms, and powerlifting definitely gives them that. This means that a powerlifter woman can even outlast you in bed, so you might have to go for round two to give her the pleasure she deserves.


Powerlifting women are a good match for people who crave sex that lasts a long time — every time. If you’re tired of the good old quickie, we understand. You should engage in them only when you don’t have a lot of time while keeping sex otherwise longer and more meaningful. So, while women and powerlifting don’t make a good match in some people’s opinion, the truth is that this sport does wonders for ladies and their prowess in bed.

Powerlifter Women Are Strong Outside but Soft Inside

Just because a woman looks powerful doesn’t mean she’s gonna replace you as a man. Powerlifting doesn’t automatically make the roles reverse just because a woman has stronger muscles. Instead, what powerlifting also does for women is make them look and feel strong. Of course, they’re more fit, and their muscles do a better job supporting their body, which are all essential things for our health. But there’s more to it than meets the eye.


Powerlifters aren’t always gym junkies. These people, and especially women, have other things going on in their lives, and sex is one of them. Even though powerlifter women appear powerful on the outside, they’re still soft and have a lot of passion for sex on the inside. Mix that with their unlimited stamina, and it’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery.

They Can Be Dominant Sometimes

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a woman who’s going to take charge, a powerlifter might be your perfect match. Why’s that? Well, it’s quite simple. When you start going to the gym, you have to start somewhere. Then, when you decide you want to build muscle, you also have to start somewhere. With powerlifting, it’s all about hard work and taking matters into your hands. So, powerlifter women know not to rely on anyone if they want anything done the way they want it to.


To ensure her satisfaction, a powerlifter woman often takes control. Remember, she’s a human and has a soft side too, so she won’t forget about your satisfaction. Women are sometimes too shy to take control because they’re not comfortable with their bodies or they’re insecure overall. Powerlifter women not only have the confidence to take charge but the stamina to see everything through.

Powerlifting Women Have More Sex Hormones

Both men and women have their fair share of sex hormones. Biologically, men usually have more testosterone, which is in charge of sexual desire. However, testosterone isn’t the ‘male hormone,’ as people like to call it. The fact is that men have it more, but that doesn’t mean that women have none. 


Women can’t naturally build a lot of muscle because they don’t have enough testosterone. So, this can even help you differentiate between women with little and a lot of testosterone — it’s all in the muscle size. However, picking your partner based on their testosterone levels is very unwise. But what you should know about powerlifter women is that they generally have more sex hormones.


Having these hormones means they’ll naturally be hornier and want to engage in more sex. Many men think they have high sex drives until they get together with powerlifter women. When you think back, their hunger for sex isn’t bad at all. Why? Because they have a lot of stamina, which means you don’t have to do all the work all the time.

They Are Pro-Active in Sex and Open for Adventures

Women get many sexual benefits from powerlifting, and one of them is openness to adventures. Just think about it, these women have a lot of stamina and drive, and they don’t always want to waste it on the missionary. The missionary and cowgirl are lazy sex positions as far as these women are concerned. So, if you’re a person who always looks for more, having a powerlifter girlfriend is a great choice.


Powerlifter women always push their boundaries because that’s what they do when they powerlift. Once they hit a milestone, they’re always looking to push themselves further. With that in mind, it’s only logical to say that they’re doing the same in sex. Finding a position that depletes their stamina is great, but there’s a catch. They’re always working on having even more stamina, and their sex life has to keep up.


That’s why powerlifter women are adventurous and even open to trying and including sex toys in their plays. So, if you’re looking for a sex toy for your powerlifter woman, make sure it’s something that will wear her out. But don’t worry, she’ll be back on her sex drive in no time.

Powerlifter Women Know Their Body Well

Finally, powerlifter women know their bodies and what’s good for their health. They’re not health freaks, but they’ll definitely tell you that you’re eating too much fried food. So, how does their health and body awareness apply to sex? Well, powerlifter women know what they like.


The chances are that your powerlifter woman has explored herself a lot while being single. On the other hand, even if she hasn’t, she’ll know what feels good for her. She definitely won’t try to powerlift you because that makes her feel good. But she’ll let you know where and how to touch her.


When you remember that she’s open to adventure, you know you can also tell her anything and talk about sex openly. These facts put powerlifter women at the top of any man’s list of perfect sexual partners, and that comes as no surprise.