Female Powerlifters: 5 Reasons Every Woman Should Try Powerlifting

If you told me a few years ago that I would be competing in a powerlifting competition, I would have laughed in your face.

I was an avid weightlifter and I loved feeling strong and setting new personal records in the gym, but the concept of prioritizing strength gains in my training would have seemed like too much of a sacrifice.

I just wanted to look good, be healthy, and feel like a badass on occasion… surely my well-rounded training plan was ideal for accomplishing these goals, right?

I mean, sure. It worked fine.

Here I am at the present. I was doing a lot of spinning, road biking and upper body strength training at the time and I was perfectly happy with (and even proud of) the way I looked. At some point, though, I got tired of going to the gym day after day just for the sake …


Details to know about Fleshlight: The Most Popular Sex Toy

Fleshlight produces some of the market’s most popular sex toys for men whether you want to train stamina or get a casting of the industry’s hottest girls. With its realistic material, its beautiful inner structure and natural opening, Fleshlight materials give an incredible realistic pleasure to him.

Fleshlight a sex toy for men

For a long time, there was no further sex toys for men, while the shops flooded with qualitative products aimed at women. Luckily, it has now begun to come up with a range of exciting toys and accessories that make enjoying pleasure to new heights, whether you prefer to play alone or with someone you like. Among the well-known sex toys, one can find, among other things, the Rabbit Vibrator that got an entire generation of Sex and City viewers to rush to the nearest sex shop. The male counterpart among popular adult toys is “fleshlight” an …