Things Men Should Know About Female Powerlifters

We’ve come a long way in the sport. We’d like to say, “I can do anything you can do better”, but the truth is, physically, we are not as strong as most men, especially female powerlifters compared to male powerlifters. Males and females are just different. But that isn’t to say that one is less than the other. We’ve gotten to the point of receiving respect for our achievements in powerlifting and also the respect from our male counterparts, and our WILKS scores are pretty awesome! I came across this article that lists 20 Things Men Should Know About Women Powerlifter. It’s from the female perspective written by a man (with the help of a few ladies) with a clear respect for us and the ways we’re different, not only different from men but that we’re different from what THEY think. Hope you enjoy!!


  1. We’re not training with you