These Instagram Girls Will Inspire You to Try Powerlifting

Whether you’ve already been bit by the lifting bug or need a little fitspo, these badass powerlifters prove that girls can lift heavy too. Give them a follow and you just may find yourself under the barbell before you know it.


Elite Raw 72 kg Powerlifter Katie Anne makes squatting 355 lbs in this Instagram look a lot easier than it should. Follow her for funny captions, incredibly heavy lifts, and if you can’t get enough, just check out her YouTube channel. (Feeling inspired yet? Find out which weight lifting program is right for you.)


Ashley Svendye is both a 58kg Powerlifter and a Strongwoman competitor—so she competes with barbells as well as atlas stones, tires, and circus dumbbells. Follow her on Instagram for inspiring strength photos, not to mention some serious #braidgoals.


Monet Bland, AKA @Live_and_Lift, is a Boston-based powerlifter with titles in …